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“An Expedient–Leonardo da Vinci’s–and a Query” and an Uncited Source

“An Expedient–Leonardo da Vinci’s–and a Query” and Da Vinci’s Notebooks

“Apparition of Splendor” and Goldsmith

“The Arctic Ox (or Goat)”

“Armor’s Undermining Modesty:” Bock Beer Buck

“Bowls” and Lawn Bowling

“Bowls” and Precision

“The Buffalo” and an Ox

“Callot . . .” and Haute Couture

“Camellia Sabina” and the Abbé Lorenzo Berlѐse

“Camellia Sabina” and the Spanish Fleece

“Camellia Sabina” and Tom Thumb

“The  Camperdown Elm” and “Kindred Spirits”

”Carriage from Sweden:” Gustavus  Adolphus and George Washington

“Critics and Connoisseurs” and “Certain Ming Products”

“Dock Rats” and Battleships

“Dress and Kindred Subjects” –Some Images

“Efforts of Affection” –Bible, Shakespeare

“Egyptian Fish Pulled Glass Bottle” for Scofield Thayer

“Elephants” and Buddha’s Tooth – Draft

“Elephants” and Sophocles

“Enough, 1969”

“Flints not Flowers,” Meredith, Keats

“Four Quartz Crystal Clocks” and Primates

“The Grass that Perisheth”:  Moore’s First War Poem

“He Digesteth Harde Yron” and Ostrich Eggs

“He Wrote the History Book” and Taught at Bryn Mawr

“The Hero:” El Greco

“The Hero:” Owls

“The Icosasphere”: Background

“In the Days of Prismatic Color” and Adam

“In This Age of Hard Trying”

“The Jerboa” and Dr. Ditmars

“The Labors of Hercules”

“Like Bertram Dobell” and Thomas Traherne

“Love in America,” an Outtake

“The Magician’s Retreat” and Magritte

“Masks” and Egyptian Vultures

“Melchior Vulpius” and German Sacred Music

“The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing:” Like Gieseking

“Monkey Puzzle:” Henry James

“Monkey Puzzle:” Japan and China

“New York” Albino Deer

“New York”, Henry James, Dixon Scott

“Nine Nectarines” and the Billingsley Rose

“Nine Nectarines” and Alphonse de Candolle

“Paper Nautilis” and Hercules

“Pedantic Literalist” and a “Paper Muslin Ghost”

“People’s Surroundings,” Bluebeard, and St. Thomas

“People’s Surroundings” and “Instant Beauty”

“People’s Surroundings”  and Bat Roosts, etc.

“Picking and Choosing” and Henry James

“The Plumet Basilisk” and Other Lizards

“Propriety” and C. P. E. Bach

“Reprobate Silver” and Panshin’s Horse

“Reinforcements” and Greeks

“Sea Unicorns” and Edmund Spenser

“Sea Unicorns” and Leigh Hunt

“Sea Unicorns” and St. Jerome’s Lion – Draft

“Sea Unicorns” and the Cartographer of 1539

“Sea Unicorns” and Henry James

“Silence” and Miss A. M. Homans

“Smooth Gnarled Crape Myrtle:” Yone Noguchi

“Smooth Gnarled Crape Myrtle”: Thomas Lodge

“The Steeple-Jack:” Albrecht Durer’s Presence

“Tell Me, Tell Me,” and Admiral Nelson’s Tricorne

“Then the Ermine” and Katherine Anne Porter

“To a Snail,” “New York,” and Duns Scotus

“To Yvor Winters”

“Virginia Britannia” and Captain Smith’s Coat of Arms

“Virginia Britannia” and Daniel Boone

“Voracities and Verities” and Louise Crane

“When I Buy Pictures” and Blake



Ellen Thayer, Bryn Mawr Friend, Dial Colleague

George Bernard Shaw, “Prize Bird,” J. B. Kerfoot

George Plank, Artist and Illustrator

Guido Bruno

Henry and Barbara Church, Wallace Stevens

Jacob Abbott, Children’s Book Author

Mei Lan-Fang, Chinese Theater

Moore and Pound, 1917 (Blast)


The Dial Press, Lincoln MacVeagh, Observations






  1. Hello I would like to quote this source but I can’t find the author. I am translating Marianne Moore’s poetry to Portuguese and this has really been useful. Thank you.

    Comment by Margarida Vale de Gato — April 16, 2017 @ 9:31 am |Reply

    • I do not think I have seen your comment before now. Can you tell me what you want to quote?

      Comment by moore123 — October 6, 2017 @ 9:44 am |Reply

    • I am sorry that I can’t track which material you which you wish to use. Let me know at

      Comment by moore123 — December 2, 2017 @ 11:54 pm |Reply

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