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November 5, 2012

Moore and Pound, 1917

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Moore’s tribute to Ezra Pound, unpublished until 1979 when it appeared in The Marianne Moore Newsletter  (III, 2, pp. 5-8) now appears in the Schulman edition of The Poems of Marianne Moore, p. 79. Much of the poem, as documented in the MMN, drew on Moore’s reading of Blast at the Library of Congress in March, 1915. Here, with thanks to the Modernist Journals Project (Brown and the University of Tulsa), are the pages of Blast from which Moore made notes. They are pages 22, 23, 48, 49 and the front cover. Page 48 contains Pound’s “Epitaphs” including the one on Li Po to which she referred as “Poor Li Po” and 49 includes “Meditatio,” which she salutes as “Good Meditatio.” Click on the pages to enlarge them.

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